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Bias Reporting Team

Welcome to the Bias Reporting Team


Bias-related incidents can contribute to an unsafe environment and have a negative effect on an individual, a group, and the campus community; therefore, the University maintains a Bias Reporting Team (BRT).  The purpose of the BRT is to:

  • Support and encourage appropriate use of the reporting process for bias-related incidents;
  • Receive and review reports that occur in our community, notify appropriate university officials, and suggest additional action to university officials relating to reports received, as appropriate;
  • Acknowledge receipt of reports and inform affected persons of supportive services (if applicable);
  • Refer affected persons to appropriate offices such as Public Safety, Dean of Students, and Compliance and Equity Management to advise them of available university processes and procedures; and,
  • Provide an annual summary that identifies trends and suggests actions, as appropriate, to the Executive Management Team to help foster an environment of mutual respect.

Confidentiality is an important aspect of the BRT; members must balance transparency and the need for confidentiality when sharing details about reports.

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